A True Story of War, Love And One Extraordinary Horse

By Janet Barrett


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People Are Saying ...

That little mare was something -- a real warhorse. I wish she had been with our regiment! How she and those guys were able to function together was incredible. Janet Barrett has done a terrific  job of bringing together her whole story. It's a riveting book -- you will laugh, you will get a lump in your throat. Mostly you will understand why the Marines love her still.

Jerry Vilbig, Weapons Company, First Battalion,

 Seventh Marine Regiment, Korea, 1952-53.


You, dear reader, will finish this book with a smile and being in awe of how a horse always remains fully present in whatever moment at hand. Take a lesson from Reckless and her Marines: Always make an effort to live in the present and affirm the enjoyment of being together. The wonderful biography of Reckless is a gift to us all. You will find yourself protecting this little book.    

Jess Maghan, author, Forty Fathers, The Search for

Father in Oneself, Welcome Rain Publishers, NY.


So many of us couldn't wait to get to Korea. We'd grown up with the "romance" of war. But when we got there, we found out it was a cold, awful place.  And here was this horse -- Reckless -- she was our friend. She could make you forget, at least for a little while, all the bad stuff. She was amazing! Semper Fi. 

Michael Lavaia, Recoilless Rifle Platoon, Anti-Tank

Company,  Fifth Marine Regiment, Korea, 1953-54.


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